A Decade of Doom Is Approaching the Los Angeles Lakers 

The Los Angeles Lakers are in trouble The Los Angeles Lakers, champions of the NBA just three years ago, are caught between the rock of the present and the hard place of the future. injuries, miscalculated trades, aging stars, poor coaching decisions A multitude of issues have befuddled the Lakers ever since their run to … Read more

NBA Finals Odds Shaken Up by Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant Trades

NBA Finals odds get a facelift  NBA Finals future odds were put through the wringer ahead of the trade deadline thanks to high-profile trades of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and others. The Westbrook domino was the first to fall of the two. News broke Wednesday night that the Lakers had finally moved off of their … Read more

Is LeBron James, the NBA’s New Scoring King, on His Way Out of LA?

LeBron James headed for greener pastures? Now that LeBron James has broken Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s NBA scoring record, it’s time to address the elephant in the room: his future in Los Angeles. the Los Angeles Lakers are just 25-30 and 13th in the Western Conference The King has been vocal lately that he believes he can … Read more

Is LeBron James the Best Scorer in NBA History Once He Sets the Scoring Record?

LeBron James nearing scoring record LeBron James, who plays the Oklahoma City Thunder Tuesday night, is only 36 points away from breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time NBA scoring record. still finding it difficult to label LeBron as a real “scorer” As the “King” continues his rapid approach of one of the league’s most “unbreakable” records, many … Read more