Thailand Gambling Returns as Cockfighting and Other Animal Sports Resume

Thailand is returning to its only legal form of gambling after the Thai government lifted its ban on cockfighting and other animal fights, allowing betting on the bloodsports under strict conditions. Thailand’s Ministry of Interior on Friday also permitted horse racing, Siamese fighting fish match ups, bullfighting, and cow racing to resume for the first … Read more

Former MLB All-Star Yasiel Puig Claims Racial Bias Over Illegal Gambling Charges

A former MLB All-Star facing criminal charges relating to illegal betting believes that he has fallen victim to racial bias. Yasiel Puig is facing two criminal charges for allegedly placing sports bets through an illegal gambling operation in 2019. Puig originally pled guilty to making false statements to federal law enforcement in November last year. … Read more

Former Michigan Police Chief Faces Up to Five Years in Prison Over Illegal Gambling Operation

No trial A retired Flint police chief has pleaded no contest to gambling violations and firearms charges and now faces up to five years in prison for allegedly operating an illegal gambling scheme. William-Bradford Barksdale filed his plea on Wednesday, according to an announcement from the Michigan Attorney General’s office. sentencing for the former police … Read more