Judd Trump Faces Backlash After Signing With Crypto Gambling Site Vave

One of the world’s most decorated players Vave, a crypto-based gambling site, recently announced Judd Trump MBE as its new global brand ambassador. At the time, Vave’s website described the team as “excited” about the announcement, but since then, Trump has had to face a backlash from his fans. Trump built his reputation as a … Read more

Billionaire Charlie Munger Likens Cryptocurrencies to Gambling

Warren Buffet’s right-hand man Charlie Munger has once more let his disdain for cryptocurrencies be known. Speaking in a Wall Street Journal op-ed this week, the 99-year-old called on the US authorities to ban cryptocurrencies, liking them to gambling contracts.   He believes that cryptocurrencies are a scam that targets regular investors. In the op-ed, … Read more