Thailand Gambling Returns as Cockfighting and Other Animal Sports Resume

Thailand is returning to its only legal form of gambling after the Thai government lifted its ban on cockfighting and other animal fights, allowing betting on the bloodsports under strict conditions. Thailand’s Ministry of Interior on Friday also permitted horse racing, Siamese fighting fish match ups, bullfighting, and cow racing to resume for the first … Read more

Cockfighting Continues to Be a Multibillion-Dollar Business Despite Efforts of Activists and Law Enforcement

Making headlines For gamblers used to online slots, casino tables, and coffee-klatch poker games, the world of cockfighting seems like a mere blood-boltered shambles. However, from underground fights in the US to a national pastime in the Philippines, gambling on cockfighting remains a multibillion-dollar industry. This week, for example, has seen a glut of cockfighting-related … Read more