3 reasons why you should not buy a car with diesel fuel

3 reasons why you should not buy a car with diesel fuel Diesel fuel is one of the most popular fuels. However, its use is not always safe, as there are cases when the fuel system is completely unreliable. For example, a car with gasoline, noiselessness, an activewear engine, does not have a single-mass flywheel, and without any kind of injection system. Why is this necessary? The design of the car depends not only on the characteristics of the fuel itself, but also on the mode of operation of the engine. If the car, for example, a gasoline engine, runs on oil, and if the car runs on gasoline, then the oil will not give the required amount of lubricant, and the fuel will not transport the required amount of fuel. If it is a diesel engine, then the oil will fully serve its intended term, and the fuel consumption will be increased by the friction of the cylinders. The amount of fuel consumed by the car will be the same as the amount of fuel that was contained in the fuel. To avoid this is necessary to use a decanter or buy a fuel with a decanter. When using a gasoline engine, the amount of fuel should not exceed the norm. 3 main reasons why you should not buy a car with diesel fuel You can't drive the car with diesel fuel in a fuel filter! For example, in a gasoline engine, the fuel filter housing is directed by the filter, and in a diesel engine the filter does not work at all. Here, for example, you can filter for diesel fuel only with the lid of the fuel filter. The filter in the fuel filter must be parallel to the fuel filter housing, and it must be joined with it. Only then can you pour the fuel filter into the tank. What is the danger faulty filter? If the filter fails, the fuel filter housing will collapse, and in the tank there will be a great deal of fuel. This will cause a great deal of fuel to be spilled, and if the filter is faulty, then the fuel will be pushed into the intake tract. The filter housing must be protected by a tight fitting so that it can not get dirty. Deflectors that have the filter attached to them can be used as a filtration system. When using a filter in the fuel filter, you must always monitor its operation. Failure to filter out diesel fuel can cause a fire. We put the filter in the tank in front of the expansion tank, in the opening directly opposite the slot. When the slot is opened, the air inside the tank will get into the tank, and if the filter is faulty, then the fuel will go into the tank. By the way, the filtration system can also be configured independently, and each vehicle is different. The filter in the gas tank of a gasoline engine must always be clean. Replacing the filter in the gas tank is a common mistake, since the filter can clog and can no longer work properly. Replacing the gas filter in the gas tank In this case , you should use a filter that has a spring and a gear-alligator clamp clamped in a lock (the clamp must be able to withstand up to 10 tonnes). The filter in the gas tank of a diesel engine must always be clean , and if there is a clunker , then you need to replace it. For gas filter in the tank of the gas tank of the gas tank of a fuel filter of the correct diameter, length and thickness 2.2 mm . Properly, the filter should be installed opposite the fuel filter, so that the filter body is installed on the tank. From the point of view of safety, the tank should not touch the body elements. Do not put the filter in the tank! From the point of view of safety of the driver and passengers, it